Magic Cake, Magic Cake, Bake Me a Man



There aren’t many problems that can’t be solved in a Greek yia-yia’s kitchen. (It would be great if the Greek government could let the ladies in our village, Lia, tackle the current economic crisis. But I digress…) During the year in which I lived in Lia, my neighbor ladies made it a village project to get my life in order. This endeavour involved baking a magic cake that would guarantee me a good husband. I wrote about this cooking-for-love adventure in a guest post on my friend’s blog, (Please click there to check it out there.) And I also shared the recipe, because that Pillsbury Doughboy is right: nothing says loving like something from the oven.


  1. Bought your book, North of Ithaka last time i was in Austin Texas and had finaly time to read it. It is a wonderful book to read when you have seen the film Eleni. I had not read many pages before i decided that my next trip wil be to Lia. Thank you for the joy you sharet with me in your book.

    • Hi! I’m so sorry for the late reply; I just now came across this comment as I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, I’m sorry to say. I’m so glad that you enjoyed North of Ithaka! Please email when you do go to Lia; we come at least once a summer. It’s an amazing area to visit! Thanks again for your kind words!

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