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As a former beauty editor (I covered the topic on-staff for Allure, Elle and InStyle, and was People magazine’s first-ever beauty editor), I’ve been writing about health and wellness for decades. (And I wish I had followed all the advice I learned along the way!) My favorite part of this kind of writing is interviewing the experts and learning from them—and also discovering the rituals we all follow in our own daily lives. Here are some recent lifestyle articles, and, at the bottom of the page, a couple of cover stories that are oldies but goodies.

Recent Articles:

As a Latina-by-marriage, with a beloved suegra of my very own, I was thrilled to write this article for Parents Latina, which appeared in the September, 2018 issue as “We Heart Abuela.”

I got to write about one of my favorite topics—reading—for “A Novel Idea,” the Changemaker column in Martha Stewart Living‘s September, 2018 issue. I always say I’m a promiscuous reader, and it turns out it’s almost impossible to get too much of this good thing.


I started composting in response to the November 2016 election—with the government going so horribly wrong, I felt that I needed to do something as an individual to help make the future, if not better, at least less dire. That conviction grew even deeper as I researched this piece for Martha Stewart Living which gave me the opportunity to interview Zero Waste advocate Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers. She’s an inspiration; check out her YouTube videos on sustainable living which demystify everything from buying in bulk to composting to secondhand shopping. Here’s the online version of my “Wast Not” feature on her, which kicked off the magazines inspiring Changemaker column, April 2018.



Throwback Stories:

“Energize Your Life: 25 Bright Ideas to Recharge Your Mood, Routine, and Rooms,” Real Simple, July 2010

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“How to Snack Smarter,” Real Simple, August 2009
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Green Beauty Decoded,” Good Housekeeping, April, 2012