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As a former beauty editor (I covered the topic on-staff for Allure, Elle and InStyle, and was People magazine’s first-ever beauty editor), I should, by rights, take the time to put on makeup every day. The truth is, I’m lucky if that happens even three days a week. But even if applying the stuff can seem like a chore not worth waking up early to accomplish, the rituals of making ourselves look lovely and, even more importantly, feel good, never cease to fascinate me.

My favorite part about researching health and beauty articles is learning from the experts—whether that means a makeup artist, nutritionist, or a sleep specialist. One thing I’m convinced of—sleep is the new sex: no one can get enough of it, and everyone thinks they’d be just a little bit better at it with some expert advice. I’m not going to post every product round-up or fall colors story I do here, but will happily include links to articles I think are particularly helpful.

Cover Stories:

“Energize Your Life: 25 Bright Ideas to Recharge Your Mood, Routine, and Rooms,” Real Simple, July 2010

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“How to Snack Smarter,” Real Simple, August 2009
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Recent Articles:

I started composting in response to the November 2016 election—with the government going so horribly wrong, I felt that I needed to do something as an individual to help make the future, if not better, at least less dire. That conviction grew even deeper as I researched this piece for Martha Stewart Living which gave me the opportunity to interview Zero Waste advocate Lauren Singer. She’s an inspiration; check out her YouTube videos on sustainable living which demystify everything from buying in bulk to composting to secondhand shopping. Here’s the online version of my feature on her, which kicked off the magazines inspiring Changemaker column, May 2018.

Green Beauty Decoded,” Good Housekeeping, April, 2012



I had a lot of fun researching and writing “Cozy Chic”, an article about staying warm without looking like the Michelin Man, for Reader’s Digest Health. The best part was interviewing the stylists who were as funny as they are fashionable.