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Perhaps my favorite type of nonfiction is writing about the places I love. I cover Greece and Nicaragua often, but have also written articles about India, Mexico, and domestic US destinations. With the research and schlepping involved, travel writing sounds more glamorous than it is, but it’s still the best type of assignment as far as I’m concerned, since I love exploring new places and meeting the people who live there. As C.P. Cavafy wrote about traveling to Ithaka, you have to set out praying that your journey be a long one, “full of adventure, full of discovery,” and, on arrival, you can’t expect the destination to make you rich: “Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey/Without her you would not have set out.”

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Town & Country Travel, “A Separate Greece,” Spring, 2008. Unfortunately, the link I had for this no longer works. But look how pretty the cover, below, is!

Travel+Leisure, “Secret Islands of Greece,” July, 2007
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