Breaking Out of the Toddler Ghettos

I had such fun reliving my trips with Amalía for PureWander, a great web magazine that focuses on family travel. It’s a topic dear to my heart as right now I’m typing with seven week old Nicolas on my lap, having brought him to New Orleans and Miami on book tour for The Ladies of Managua. People think I’m crazy, or even mean, dragging these poor kids around. But I loved traveling with my parents as a kid and I firmly believe that travel allows children to see more, absorb the idea that people are the same—and different—the world over, and spend valuable time with their families outside of the hectic, everyday routine. In fact, one of the first things we did during my maternity leave was apply for Nicolas’s passport; he’s headed to Greece right after he gets his two month vaccines.

Here’s his very proper passport photo. photo copy


And here is the link to the Pure Wander article; please read it on their site.

Breaking Out of the Toddler Ghettos



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