Mini in Miami

Amalía and I are in New York, but we brought a little bit of Miami with us. Two little bits actually: the shiny gold studs in Amalía’s tiny ears. Read all about it in the post “Baby’s First Bling”, which I wrote for the Townies column of the Opinionator blog in the New York Times’ online op-ed section. Townies features essays about a city–usually New York–but the series occasionally visits other towns, and, like everyone else, it hit Miami for Spring Break.

You have to click on the link below to read this week’s post, which means I’m guestblogging for myself, I guess! Make sure you check out the comments in which readers share their own ear-piercing stories, tell me I’m screwing up Amalía already with my gender-centric ways, and point out that my husband, and our adorable daughter, are “lower-class” because none of the Very Best Latinas pierce their ears. (That last part was my favorite comment, ’cause Amalía likes to keep it real; she pierced her ears in solidarity with the 99%!)


But you, dear reader, do get a little something extra here that you won’t find on the; pictures of the bedazzled little lady showing off her new look.

Baby’s First Bling


  1. Gold studs, good choice! Your daughter is lovely!

  2. Robin Paulson says:

    Welcome to parenthood, where you struggle to try to please while doing the right thing, and end up feeling the inevitable consequences of your well intentioned but frequently misunderstood actions.

  3. Eleni, your daughter is beautiful…with or without earrings..I second the above..welcome to parenthood where everyone, including strangers think it is ok to judge your parenting…trust your heart and what you know to be best…I unexpectantly struggled with the decision to pierce my youngest daughter’s ears – somehing that did not give me pause years before when I had her sister’s ears pierced (??) … The pediatrician’s response was let it be her decison to close them…I had them pierced and stand by that decision as should you. Best to you and family.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, ladies! Amalía seems pretty happy with her earrings so far, I’m pleased to report!

  5. My mother is from the beautiful island of Mykonos. Whe I was 14 months old my Yiayia took me to a lady she knew and had my ears pierced. My parents were happy with that, and I loved shaking my head to “show off” my new bling (so I have been told). My Yiayia was a very devout lady and I gre up in the church. So you see….for some Greeks the piercing of a little girls ears is acceptable….even expected. Sadly, there will be so many things to worry about when you have a child without having to worry about earrings!

  6. Congratulations for having yuour daughter’s ears pierced when she was six months old. I also had my two daughters pierced when they were babies. They are now five and three years old and love wearing earrings. My partner and I are certain it is best for little girls to get used to wearing earrings when they are babies. Do not be put off by people who tell you off for doing so.

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